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    Hand-picked, locally-sourced date ideas from dating consultant Steve Dean

  • "As a dating consultant, I've personally gone on 300+ dates across 25+ cities. Designing memorable, dates is one of my favorite creative pursuits. I try to design every date to be both memorable and failure-proof."

    ~ Steve Dean

  • Your first date idea is on me...

    "In a New York minute"

    Step 1: The First Encounter

    Your date begins with a game of cat and mouse.




    Step 2: The Escape

    Now, you must channel your inner spy. Your mission: blend in, avoid detection, escape.

  • Time to choose your own adventure...

    Hidden views and city secrets
    On this 8-10+ hour date, you'll explore scenic lookouts, hidden passageways, and secret cafes and speakeasies that will leave you wondering how deep the rabbit hole goes.
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    Central Park Scavenger Hunt Date
    Intended date duration: 6-10 hours.
    Adventure options included: 5
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