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    Individual Coaching

    The way we date is changing.

    I'm here to guide you through it.

  • What Makes Dating So Difficult?


    I get it. Dating is complicated.


    You've got dating apps, profiles, photos, messages, outfits, date spots, texting, missed signals, flaking, ghosting, body language, relationship talks, non-monogamy, and more.



    You also have me, a dating consultant!

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    Work with me today.

    I only accept 5 clients at a time.


    Together, we'll completely reimagine your personal (and if needed, professional) life.

    • We'll assess your personality and preferences.
    • We'll talk through your fears, concerns, and patterns.
    • We'll reflect on who you might be most compatible with.
    • We'll gather any photos and set up any profiles you need.
    • We'll practice your intros.
    • We'll discuss your ideal date ideas.
    • We'll design the best relationship possible for you and your partner(s).

    Let's lay the foundations for the next decades of your life.

  • Let's work together.

    Dating & Relationship Coaching

    Dating & Relationship Coaching

    Let's put you on a path toward clear results.

    We'll do a 3-month deep dive into every area of your dating life, with biweekly checkin calls and clear milestones so that you can look back and be proud of how much you've accomplished.

    Together, we can cover:
    • In-depth communication skills
    • Hands-on first date practice
    • Choosing the right dating site
    • Profile photos, bios, and design
    • Constructing clear, effective messages
    • Designing the right relationship for you
    Coming soon
    Dating Diagnostics and Deep Dive

    Dating Diagnostics and Deep Dive

    We'll take 2 hours to fully dive into whichever issue(s) around dating, relationships, or intimacy you need help with.

    We can cover topics like choosing the right dating app, profile design & photos, sending messages, date ideas, jealousy, non-monogamy, and personal development.

    During each session, we'll build an action plan so you can immediately begin making the changes you want to see.
    Coming soon
  • Not sure where to start? 

    Here are some articles to bring yourself up to speed ondating, sex, relationships, and personal development.

    And here's an article I wrote for the dating app Kindra about first message best practices:

    turning your dating app chats into dates
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