• Individual Coaching

    The way we date is changing.

    I'm here to guide you through it.

  • What Makes Dating So Difficult?


    I get it. Dating is complicated.


    You've got dating apps, profiles, photos, messages, outfits, date spots, texting, missed signals, flaking, ghosting, body language, relationship talks, non-monogamy, and more.



    You also have me, a dating consultant!

  • Work with me today.

    I only accept 5 clients at a time.
    Together, we'll spend three months completely reimagining your personal (and if needed, professional) life.
    • We'll assess your personality and preferences.
    • We'll take any photos and set up any profiles you need.
    • We'll practice your intros.
    • We'll discuss your ideal date ideas.
    • We'll design the best relationship possible for your and your partner(s)

    Let's lay the foundations for the next decades of your life.

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