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    I love giving talks, hosting shows, and digging deep with anyone who wants to better understand and advocate for healthy and happy relationships.


    Below, you'll find several of my recent podcast appearances.

  • Image of How'd You Get THAT Job Podcast

    How'd You Get THAT Job? podcast with host Eleni Matheou

    October 13, 2021


    Could You Be My Dating Coach?

    Steve Dean once put a sign up in a NYC park offering “free dating advice.” Learn how this ADHD super connector became a dating coach who helps people find love. And get his surprising advice on how to find your own unique career path. ​


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  • Image of Clearer Thinking Podcast

    Clearer Thinking podcast with host Spencer Greenberg

    May 18, 2021


    Online and IRL Relationships with Steve Dean

    To what extent do we put ourselves, each other, and our relationships in fixed, sharply-defined boxes? Do we exude trust to people we meet? How often do we project our own wants and needs onto other people? How do the experiences of men and women differ on dating apps? Why do men behave so badly towards women (both online and in the meatspace)? How can people improve their dating experiences? How do we tell our own stories? And how do we recognize the ways in which our lives and the lives of others can intersect such that everyone is better off? How can we recognize and avoid "takers"?
    Steve Dean is an NYC-based dating & relationship coach, researcher, educator, and community builder. He offers dating coaching and experimental events through Dateworking.com, and hosts the Dateworking podcast which explores the nuances across relationships in romance, friendships, workplaces, and communities. You can find Steve on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, and Twitter: @stevenmdean. In his spare time, Steve delights in daylong walks through natural and built environments, punctuated by photography and puppy petting.


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  • Image of Your Extraordinary Existence Podcast

    Your Extraordinary Existence Podcast with Host Victoria Spadaccini

    February 2021


    How to be Awesome at Dating and Romance During the Pandemic - Expert Tips from a Dating Coach

    In the pandemic era, how can we still forge deep human connections and romance? How can we celebrate this upcoming Valentine’s Day? How can we become better partners in the future, no matter the world situation? How can we create a referral network for dating? Today we talk with Dating Coach and Consultant, Steve Dean to share his expert insights. He's worked with thousands of online daters as well as with dating sites like OkCupid, Hinge, and Coffee Meets Bagel and is here today to help improve your dating life.


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  • photo of nerds and the bees cohosts steve dean and gabe gonzalez

    The Nerds and the Bees

    Live edu-comedy show in New York City's Lower East Side


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  • Stories, by Humans

    Hosted at the Crosby St. Hotel in Manhattan, February 2020

  • iDate Miami 2020

    State of the Dating Industry

  • Image of Horizontal with Lila Podcast episode

    Horizontal with Lila podcast with host Lila Donnolo

    July 6, 2019


    200 Dating Profiles: Horizontal with a Superconnector


    Steve Dean is a dating expert, a MmmmEGAConnector, an adventurer, a perpetual nomad, and an event SuperHost. He’s the founder of the dating industry consulting firm Dateworking. He stewards workshops, dinners, coworking sessions, and massive meetups like the food-court-centered Hygge [HOO-GAH] (which means cozy in Danish).


    Steve Dean intentionally dates people from all different parts of the social spectrum, including those he would never introduce to his friends, in order to understand their perspective on the world. I think he’s actually an anthropologist at heart, and dating is the Tribe he studies.


    He’s a quintessential participant-observer. His experiences are research. His research is experiential. His brain incessantly crunches data, and relentlessly seeks for the most optimal of the optimal outcomes.


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  • iDate London 2018

    State of the Dating Industry

  • iDate LA 2016

    Creating a Mobile Dating Strategy

  • Inflection Points —

    How we set ourselves up for infidelity

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