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  • A Tale of Three Bridges

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  • Location


    7-9 hours



    5+ miles of walking


  • About the Trip

    Brooklyn Bridge

    Manhattan Bridge

    Williamsburg Bridge

    Hike two Catskills tall peaks


    What We Love
    • Hit two Catskills 3500 peaks
    • Exciting scrambles on rocky terrain
    • A full and challenging day
    • Fascinating history courtesy of your guides
    Your Day

    On this spectacular trail, reach the summits of Wittenberg (3,784 feet) and Cornell (3,868 feet) on the same day. As you ascend to the the first summit, Wittenberg, the ledge offers stunning views over the Hudson Valley before the trail sends you to a narrow ridge line, from 10 to 50 feet wide, on your way to the Cornell Crack. This unique geological feature is moderately technical requiring you to use your hands. Shortly after the Crack, you will summit your second and highest peak of the day, Mount Cornell. Head home feeling accomplished after bagging two 3500 summits.

    Perfect for: Experienced hikers, fit adventurers up for a challenge

  • Oh, the places you'll go!

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    Major landmarks to look out for...

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    Breakfast and Liquid Fuel at Brooklyn Roasting Company

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    Great for powering up to start your day. They've got lots of protein packed snacks for a day of walking. Ask to try their ultra flavorful natural processed coffee if they've got it in stock!

    Brooklyn Bridge

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    One of NYC's most iconic landmark and at one point the tallest structure in all of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge is now a touristy clusterfuck but is undeniably gorgeous. B-Y-O-Selfiestick.

    Famous Dumplings at Lan Zhou

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    Famous for their boiled and fried pork dumplings. The perfect snack under $5 to power you through the next leg of your journey.

    Walk the Manhattan Bridge

    side quest: discover the photographers' holes

    A much more peaceful walk than the Brooklyn Bridge thanks to the dedicated pedestrian path not shared with bikers. This bridge is a photographer's dream -- try to count the holes cut into the fence!

    Beekeeping and Bridgewatching in the Brooklyn Grange

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    If you're lucky, you can snag a free tour, and get to see the beekeepers in action. Don't forget to take advantage of the rooftop views of Manhattan!

    Brooklyn Navy Yard

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    If you can't snag a tour of the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm, you can always hang out in the air conditioned rooftop cafe next door at Building 92, home of the navy yard museum. Reup on caffeine here!

    Domino Park in Williamsburg

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    My favorite game: try to count the # of dogs vs. the # of kids in strollers. Make sure you get selfie together from beneath the Williamsburg Bridge.

    Williamsburg Bridge

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    Easily the best graffiti of any of the bridges I've encountered in NYC, and by far the nicest bridge to walk along, given the lack of bikes and the relative lack of tourists. Tons of native NY'ers!

    Empanada Mama

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    Having walked 3 bridges and many miles, you'll have surely worked up an appetite by now, so grab a quick, but filling bite here before you start drinking. Try the viagra empanada. You won't regret it.

    Cocktails at the Delancey Rooftop Bar

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    Famous for its foliage-filled rooftop bar where you can steal away for a private moment of conversation while overlooking the streets at the heart of NYC's Lower East Side.

    Free Comedy at Black Cat LES

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    A great spot to watch some experimental comedy or poetry readings each night, plus they serve wine, beer, tea, and coffee, so you're covered no matter what mood you're in.

    Live Shows at Caveat NYC

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    NYC's most iconic spot for "intellectual nightlife," Caveat features 2 live shows every night of the week, ranging from "Why Your Train Is F*cked" and "Anybody: a Hamilton-inspired hip hopera."

    Hester Street Playground

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    If you're exhausted from your journey and need a good spot to simply lay on your backs and watch the stars, wander down to the Hester St. Playground track by Canal Street. Chill AF on summer nights.

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