• More Matches, Better Dates

    a step-by-step 8-week seminar to optimize your online dating experience


    💓 Next cohort kicks off March 4, 2024 💓




    Book a 30-minute free consultation, and we'll discuss your dating mindset, strategy, and goals. We'll also determine if you are a good fit for coaching and/or an upcoming dating seminar cohort.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for people who:

    • struggle with understanding what they want out of a relationship
    • know what they want, but struggle communicating that to others
    • know how to communicate what they want verbally, but struggle in digital forms (text, photo, etc.)
    • can communicate just fine, but struggle finding meaningfully compatible people
    • want to learn the best practices of personal inventorying, online/offline dating, and cultivating relationships so that their quest toward meaningful connection in life becomes more playful and fun, less depressing and slog. 

    This group seminar format is a communal labor of love. We're taking a deep dive as a group of thoughtful personal growth seekers into the world of modern dating and communication, with the intention of profoundly shifting our journey toward happier, healthier relationships and dating outcomes. We'll be able to supportively critique our profiles, photos, approaches, and even baseline mental models about what works and what doesn't.


    Even after the cohort ends, we'll be able to stay in touch and update one another with any little wins we encounter along our respective journeys.

    What are the relevant dates/timetables for the March 2024 cohort?*

    • 2/27 — Registration closes. Payment due.
    • 3/1 — Scheduling link sent out to all students to confirm when we can collectively meet each week.
    • Week of 3/4 — Class + office hours timing confirmed; student meet-and-greet scheduled.
    • Week of 3/11 — Classes begin.

    This course will consist of:

    • One 2-hour group gathering per week, for 8 weeks (~16 hours)
    • Short self-timed assignments (~4 hours)
    • Weekly office hours (2h/week, fully optional) in which we work on your dating profiles together, answer lingering questions, and share stories

    *(timetables updated as of 3/1/24)

    How much does this course cost?

    For this first cohort, the cost is pay-what-you-can.

    The suggested price is $2,500. This is what you pay if you can afford it today.

    If you cannot afford $2,500, I've provided a sliding scale below to help you find the price point that fits you best. There are two reasons for this:

    • It's not free is because I believe that paying for this course will make you feel more invested in taking our seminars, discussions, and its assignments seriously.
    • It's sliding scale because I want a variety of perspectives in the room and I believe in financial inclusivity.

    This course reflects 14 years of my professional experience, 244 hours of my painstaking labor throughout 2023, and another 52 hours to come when I conduct the cohort itself. It also reflects the same number of hours from my course collaborator, who has diligently shown up 3x/week for the last 12 months to design, advise, troubleshoot, and playtest every graphic, every activity, every concept you'll encounter during our 8 weeks together. Lastly, we've received dozens of additional hours of loving labor from our 3 course editors who helped refine our concepts, visuals, and pedagogy along the way.


    Here's the suggested sliding scale to determine what to pay:

    • $5,000 is what you pay if you'd like to cover the cost of your own admission as well as support admission for future students of less financial means.
    • $2,500 is what you pay if you can afford a monthly rent of $2,000/month.
    • $1,250 is what you pay if you can afford a monthly rent of $1,000/month.

    If affordability is still an issue, I promise you it's not. Please reach out to me directly and we'll make it work. I want everyone to pick a price point that feels accessible, yet motivating. Capitalism is hard sometimes, and in my heart of hearts, we'd just be walking side by side through the forest talking about life and love without ever thinking about money.


    Send payment to:




    Zelle: steve@dateworking.com

    Do you have any other offerings?

    Yes, I also offer personal coaching, which is extremely targeted to the individual. As a coaching client, we'd meet weekly by phone or Google Meet for a period of 1-3 months, develop a plan of action for your dating life, and make week over week progress toward each of your goals. Even when we're not in session, I'm still thinking about you, researching the dating and social scene in your area, suggesting events you could attend or host, workshopping your photos and profile text, and exploring better methods and resources for approaching your specific set of challenges and desires.

  • Questions? Want to stay in the loop about a future cohort?

    Let me know, and I'll follow up accordingly!