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    In search of the core philosophies and practices that help us stay deeply connected to one another and give us feelings of agency and antifragility in a world where norms, expectations, jobs, housing, and even "facts" are constantly in flux.

  • Episode #4 - One algorithm to help 50 million people find love (ft Tom Quisel, former CTO @ OkCupid)

    In this episode, Tom Quisel and I discuss:

    • How Tom got his start working at OkCupid, one of the most popular dating sites in the world 
    • The efforts Tom and the OkCupid team went through to help reduce bias in dating apps  
    • Experiments OkCupid has done to better understand just how superficial modern daters are  
    • OkCupid's discovery that we are, in fact, absurdly superficial  
    • The surreal story of how I introduced Tom to his fiancé.  
    • Tom’s post-OkCupid career in healthtech and IoT, using apple watch and fitbit data to predict conditions like diabetes and multiple sclerosis   
    • Tom's subsequent foray into the cryptosphere, building products that empower individuals to send cross-border payments without those exorbitant fees, enabling low income individuals to more easily send money to their relatives in other countries  
    • Ideal strategies for sending first messages in online dating  
    • Strategies for dating in small towns vs. in cities  
    • Whether Facebook's new dating app dating will make a meaningful difference in the dating industry  

  • Episode #1 - How to Deepen Connection in Everyday Relationships (with Amelia Broughton)

    Amelia Broughton is a connection savant, having trained for years in the art and science of interpersonal connection. In this episode, we explore what types of connection are missing from modern society and how to reconnect in ways that are so simple, yet so critically overlooked by most people alive today.

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