• So I'm not a typical matchmaker...


    I simply help people find what they need.

    Full stop. You name the thing. I help you find it.

  • Finding the Thing...

    When you purchase my thing-finding services, I will contact you to set up a 15-minute phone call to discuss exactly what the *thing* is that you want to find.

    • It could be a new romantic partner.
    • It could be a dog/cat-sitter.
    • It could be a cofounder.
    • It could be a new hire for your company.
    • It could be a company that aligns with your values.
    • Hell, it could be a fife-toting Satyr to officiate your wedding (yes, I found that for someone within 7 minutes)

    Honestly, thing specific *thing* isn't the important thing.

    It's the process we go through to get you there.



    As a friend said recently,

    "Steve, what makes you special isn't your 'what' or your 'why' — it's your 'how."


    "How did you do that?!"

    ~ music to my ears

  • How It Works


    Select the thing

    The sky is the limit. What do you most desire?


    Pay for the thing

    Pay based on how big the thing is. And uh, try to be mildly realistic? Mildly.


    I find the thing

    I'll spend up to 1 hour finding you the thing.

  • New romantic partner(s)


    My personal best time to find this thing:
    6 seconds

    Plot of land to build a tiny home


    My personal best time to find this thing:
    1.5 minutes

    New C-level executive


    My personal best time to find this thing:
    45 seconds

    New friend in a new city


    My personal best time to find this thing:
    1 minute

    Fife-toting satyr to officiate a wedding


    My personal best time to find this thing:
    7 minutes

    Meet the Liminal Fellows

    100-member fellowship program to launch a virtual reality experience center


    My personal best time to find this thing:
    30 days

    Fully-designed personal website for a passion project

    My personal best time to find this thing:
    1 hour

  • Behold, the things:

    Smol Thing
    Something I can do that's super useful for you but won't likely take much time, effort, or social capital on my part. It's basically like a little peek into the directory/router that is my brain/social network.
    Coming soon
    Medium Thing
    These things can require a bit more work on my part, potentially more than an hour, but not something where I'd need to block out days or weeks for it.
    Coming soon
    Big Thing
    Hm. Let's gauge this as a function of the typical market rate (if it exists) for finding this thing, coupled with how large an inflection this will trigger in your life if I successfully find it for you.
    Coming soon
    I will personally do/find 1 thing from the list of thing submissions I've received from others.

    By purchasing this, you will have successfully made someone's day, or potentially changed their life.

    If desired, I will connect you to the person who had the thing done for them, so you can be friends.
    Coming soon
  • Share the thing you need!

    Not ready to purchase? NBD.
    Tell me what thing you need below.
    If enough other people need it, I'll try to find the thing for all of you at once!

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